Anonymous asked: Hi. I have a pretty dumb problem. I can't find my minecraft.jar and I can't add my texture pack! I even did the /Library stuff. PLEASE HELP

You mean the ~/Library stuff


Anonymous asked: how do i split something on mine craft on my macbook cause i can't do right click help please?



Anonymous asked: I don't know how to get to my minecraft.jar folder or my bin folder. I need help because i want to get flans plane mod but i can't because i can't find minecraft folder! it isn't in my application support

Hi there.

This causes a lot of confusion. Mojang could solve this in a stroke if it only made the ‘Open Texture Pack Folder’ button work. Sadly us Mac users are so used to things ‘just working’ that we often don’t know how the underlying file system works. This is usually fine but when you are playing a cutting edge multi-platform Indie game and wanting to apply mods then you are going to have to get your hands dirty.

I’ve done a Modding Tutorial on YouTube with Terminal Code to make it all work easily but if you want to mod by hand you need I know the following:

  • Minecraft.jar is in bin.
  • bin is in minecraft
  • minecraft is in Application Support
  • your Application Support is in your Library.
  • Your Library is in [your Mac username] folder.
  • Your username folder is in Users.

Another way to say this is:

/Users/[your Mac username]/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Even easier is:

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Use Finder, go to the Go menu. Choose Go To Folder and the type ~/Library

This is your (hidden) Library folder. Inside you will find your Application support etc.

You have, by the sound of it, been looking at the general system Library and Application Support which are, confusingly, not hidden.

The above works whether yours is hidden or not and will give you access to Minecraft folders.

If you still need help navigating please see my YouTube channel and the ‘Finding Your Folders’ video.

Have fun!


Anonymous asked: I'm just a little worried I that if I buy minecraft it won't work on my macbook pro. I recently got my mac maybe 3 weeks ago and I was just wondering if I can just purchase minecraft and just play right away

Hey there.

Don’t worry! My Mac, a MacBook Pro, was bought back in 2008.

It still works as good as new and plays Minecraft just fine. Any Intel-based Mac is fine, even Mac Minis and Laptops.

You are good to go my friend!

Adding Mods to Minecraft made really easy for Mac users

Ok… you lucky lucky people. I’ve just spent quite a few hours trying to work out just how to make modding easier for Mac users.

A lot of issues arise for people. The biggest stumbling block is the fact that Minecraft uses hidden files and folders on your Mac. The next problem is you need to use Terminal commands to mod your Minecraft properly (it’s not just a case of unzipping files).

So… I’ve made two lines of code to paste that’ll help you get in and out of Terminal really quickly. I’ve called them ‘Unjar’ and ‘Rejar’.

Take a look at the video to see how it’s done and copy the code below to make it all work.

What you need to do is this

1) Copy (cmd-c) this line of code:

cd ~/Desktop && mkdir ADD_MOD_FILES_HERE && cd ADD_MOD_FILES_HERE && jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar

2) Open Terminal (in Applications>Utilities>Terminal), paste (cmd-v) the code, hit enter

3) Drag your mod files into the ‘ADD_MOD_FILES_HERE’ folder we’ve just made on your desktop

4) Copy this line of code:

cd ~/Desktop/ADD_MOD_FILES_HERE && rm META-INF/MOJANG_C.* && jar uf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./ && cd .. && rm -rf ADD_MOD_FILES_HERE

5) Paste (cmd-v) this line into Terminal

6) Run Minecraft

Please let me know how this works for you, and report any issues using the 'Help, Requests, Praise' button.


Anonymous asked: hey my name is ben and i'm wondering if minecraft can hurt my macbook, i'm not sure if it's a macbook pro or not.

Hi Ben.

Minecraft, from Mojang, can’t hurt your MacBook.

It may make it run a little warm, but I’ve looked at the stats and the values are all within acceptable levels. It’s a Java app and Java is safe and secure.

You might put your security at risk if you use any mods or changes from other developers, I think the risk is low but it’s always worth asking if you trust the publisher of ANY code you run on your machine.

I’ve looks for Minecraft/Mac issues and found nothing to be unduly worried about. But, it’s always good to be cautious.

Great question, thanks for popping by


PS: Thanks for using your name Ben, that’s much more interesting than “Anonymous” and makes me want to reply!


Anonymous asked: I cracked minecraft so whenever I put the folder in the "texturepacks" file it doesnt show up in the game

Download ( and buy the game.

Then I can help.


Anonymous asked: when i push my alt key in the go section of finder, library doesnt come up. do you know whats wrong?

Push and hold, it should appear, in Lion at least.


Just use Finder. Use the Go, Go To Folder, menu option. Then type


that will be your user’s library and then you can find Application Support and minecraft


Anonymous asked: I've been trying to use texture pack in minecraft and they don't show in the game. I've search around for help but everything I try doesn't work. I use the 1.1 version, I've downloaded texture packs both HD- and SDpacks, I've tried to use the file from the trash and I've tried to zip the folder the my mac makes for me. I used MCpatcher-2.3.2 01 to patch, but it won't work. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t use MCPatcher, there is no need (unless you want HD packs).

Just put the file from the trash in the right folder and it’ll work.

How to request a video on Minecraft for Mac


Anonymous asked: how do you find your username

1) Start Minecraft 2) Before you login go to options 3) Find your username there


Anonymous asked: I recently deleted the minecraft folder in application support because mine craft black screened. Now when I try to log in an error saying "(not downloaded)". I've tried redownloading minecraft but the application support folder doesn't show up. Can anyone help?

1) DELETE EVERYTHING in the BIN folder - that’s at ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin

2) Download Minecraft from

3) Run it for the first time, it’ll create a new bin folder and will work.


Anonymous asked: minecraft is in applications, but the minecraft folder doesn't show up in Application support

Just use Finder. Use the Go, Go To Folder, menu option. Then type


that will be your user’s library and then you can find Application Support and mine craft


Anonymous asked: Can ayone tell me how to change skins? It's so hard....

It’s pretty easy really.

1) Go to and find a skin you like, download it. 2) Go to 3) Click Choose File to upload your skin 4) Find your skin (probably in ‘Downloads’) 5) Upload 6) That’s it.


Anonymous asked: Minecraft for the Mac has become totally annoying on our school machines. How on earth can this be totally removed and/or blocked? We have a dual platform environment. Our network is on Windows Active Directory so there is no way that we can centrally manage the stupid Mac machines. Is there a one-click uninstaller for the Mac available?

There is no ‘one click’ installer for Mac (or PC or Linux).

You need to delete the file in Applications.

You also need to delete ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Empty trash, done.